The staff at D&L Dental Studio is a cohesive group of unique individuals who are artisans as well as technicians.  They also share a philosophy that customer service, aesthetics and technical accuracy are clear objectives and the basis of the dental laboratory’s reputation.  Staff members are cross-trained and active participants in continuing education. 

Dan Perera is the owner of D&L Dental Studio and is its chief removables technician, staff cheerleader, quality control officer, principal warrior and the supervisor of the operation.  He spends much of his day interacting with client dentists and staff, working on implant cases, precision milling and fabricating laser assembled titanium implant bars. 

Dan is originally from Uruguay and was educated in the U.S.  He is a graduate of New York University and the Dawson Institute for advanced Dental Studies.  He has National Board Certification as a CDT.  He is also an MDT and MDP. He spends a good deal of time reading trade magazines, industry relevant books and attending continuing education courses so as to be up to date with the latest trends in dental technology, materials, and equipment. 

In nearly 36 years of work in the field, Dan has spent a number of years as the Denture Department Manger of two of the larger dental laboratories.  Both are prestigious operations in the Philadelphia market.  He established his own company in 2003.  It is a full-service lab dedicated to advanced aesthetic values, accuracy and a higher level of client service. 

Dan has been happily married to his office manager for over 34 years.  They share two young adult children.  His outside interests embrace an eclectic taste in music and literature, exotic fish and his aquarium.  His adult toys include a beloved motorcycle and a boat with lots of fishing gear.  None of the toys get enough use.

Laura Marion, is our Master Ceramist. Laura graduated from the New York University as a Dental Technician and has over 27 years of experience.

Rob Homa, covers several bases at D&L Dental Studio working in both the Crown & Bridge and Denture Departments.  He has worked for 3 major dental labs in the area and has over 20 years of lab experience including several years of fabricating removable appliances.  He has worked with some of the better technicians in the Delaware Valley concentrating on high-end dental appliances. In his free time he enjoys fishing, hiking, camping and woodworking. When not working, he is busy raising his son Rob who spends most of his time out of school playing PS3 baseball and hockey games with his friends. 

Gary Saenz, is a very talented young man obscessed with perfection and details. His background in the Toy Prototype and Design industry gave him the skills necessary to work focusing on very small and intricate details that he easily transfered to the lab. His models and articulations are immaculate and very accurate. He also works in preliminary tasks and processing of removables using the Ivocap Injection System.

Leticia Perera is D&L Dental Studio’s Office Manager, accountant and chief honcho of the Shipping Department.  Leticia graduated from Business School in Uruguay and has many years of lab related office experience in prestigious Philadelphia area dental laboratories.  Leticia met Dan in Uruguay in 1973 as a young adult.  They came to this country early-on to pursue their “American Dream.”  They have two loved and loving children. Jessica has just graduated from Temple University with a degree in Elementary Education.  Nick attends East Stroudsburg University to be a Spanish Teacher .  Leticia’s free time, what little she has, is dedicated to her interests in yoga, pilates, gardening, her children, her dogs and taking care of Dan, her longtime friend, mate and business partner. 

Nick Perera is a second generation dental tech and the son of Dan and Leticia.  He is Gary’s right hand man, helping him with much of the preliminary work, doing occlusal rims, plaster work, models, custom trays, articulations and processing.  Nick’s outside interests include both playing guitar and listening to music.  When not working or going to school, Nick is likely to be socializing with his tight circle of friends or driving his Mustang  with his girlfriend Jenna. 



Fred Hayes is the webmaster, friend, Norwegian dental lab owner and a retired American English teacher.

3864 Rauland
Ph: 011 47 35 06 26 90




Del Purscell is the marketing advisor, friend of both lab owners, webmaster and a retired sales, marketing, and advertising executive.

551 Lafayette Street
Newtown, PA 18940
Ph: (215) 860-0313

Experienced technicians looking to join a cohesive and supportive team like this one should go to our Employment Opportunities page.